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Me and My Yard

I have been riding for over 20 years in a number of disciplines.
I first started off with my pony at the Woodland Pytchley Pony Club, quite often out competing in teams and area events.
I then began hunting with the Woodland Pytchley and found myself out every Saturday with them until I then began hunting with the Fernie. This is when I started riding and bringing on young, unexperienced horses.  Along side hunting, I also progressed in British Eventing up to Novice Level on a horse I produced myself. I have experience with racehorses as I have pre-trained a number of clients and trained my own.
Having been based in Brigstock for four years I am now based in Pipewell, with a yard providing me with excellent facilities, and great access to the local hunts.
I can provide any number of references from previous clients and non-clients.
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